{Seabrook, WA} Western Washington lifestyle photographer

Happy 2018! Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have an abundance of beautiful places to take a short vacation that are only a few hours away. One of our favorite places to visit is Seabrook, WA on the Washington coast. Seabrook is a planned community located by the beach, which has many beautiful rental homes that ranges from cozy one-bedroom cottages, to homes large enough for family reunions. Some are even pet-friendly! We took our goldendoodle pupster on our trip, and a great time was had by all. We rented a little two bedroom cottage, which enabled us to cook our own food, wash away the sand from the beach, and have a cozy place to warm up before our next beach outing.

Most people think, coast = beach = summer, but we also like to visit in the wintertime.  While most people don’t think of the beach in the wintertime, it is the ideal time for razor clam digging. (Click here for razor clam harvest dates: WA state Fish and Shellfish).  My husband was very gung-ho about going razor clam digging, so we took our family for a few days while the razor harvest was open at Moclips beach. It was super fun, my kids got to use a clam gun, and they were very excited about even getting clams out of the sand! It was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience for everyone, and I’d highly recommend Seabrook as a nice little, staycation for anyone.


Family portrait.



For my kids, any day is a great beach day. They just need to dress for the weather. 🙂


The destroyer comes to stomp his creations.


Goldendoodle + beach = pure happiness.


My husband found refuge from boy and dog sheninagins in a driftwood fort.


Happy family members!


We spotted this bald eagle in the dunes by the beach.


Not only is Seabrook close to the beach, it’s just a daytrip to Olympic National Park as well! Here we are at the Quinalt Rain Forest trailhead.


One of the many trails from Seabrook down to the beach.



Onto the main event – clam digging! Here is my youngest using the clam gun to dig out razor clams.


My husband was like a kid himself.


Fresh razor clams!



Boys + water + stick = happiness.


Boys + dog = SO MUCH MESS.


We learned our dog loved the water.


Races at the beach.




Winter at the beach often meant rainbows over the ocean, like this one.


There were also glorious sunsets.


Goodbye, and thanks for the great stay, Seabrook!


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