{Apples in Autumn} Seattle/Eastside Lifestyle Photographer

We’re very lucky to have quite a few apple trees in our backyard. Every year when we have a harvest, I take a few dozen apples and do a mini-photo session with my boys. It’s been fun looking back on past pictures, seeing how little they once were (we started when my youngest was a wee baby at a month old!), and also, how far I’ve come in my photography. As my boys have grown older, it’s also made me get much more creative in capturing their true personalities on the camera. My oldest was born to be in front of an audience, and shines for any sort of spotlight. My youngest son is much trickier to try to coax a real smile, and not a cheesy, stiff smile, out of his little face. And then, there is the age old struggle of getting them to not to team up in brother solidarity and give me the two brother smirk of death. 🙂 I think every parent knows the struggle of trying to get a good sibling photo, without any tears from mom or children, at the end of the day. Overall, it’s a pretty fun time, and I know that we’ll all appreciate these memories. I hope that I have a lot more apples in autumn pictures in the upcoming years.


Apples, boys, and this year, our dog!



They can be pretty cute, and they know it.



Such handsome fellows, but goodness, STOP GROWING UP BOYS!



Most of my photos of them look like this. I admit, I enjoy the laughter photos the best.



Not exactly what I had in mind when I asked them to pose together…



Double smirk mode, on!


My youngest son is definitely a character. I could fill an entire album with all his fun, facial expressions.



Why yes mom? You said to look at you. You didn’t say anything about smiling.



An apple a day keeps the mom photographer at bay.



Love these two. <3



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  1. Kristen says:

    Oh my gosh! They are SO BIG! And handsome! We miss you guys! We need a little ICP reunion action one of these days.

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