{ExCy – Portable Exercise Bike} – Seattle Area Product Photographer

I had the great fortune to try out Excy, which stands for exercise cycle. It is small (less than 10 lbs!), folds up compact, flat, and portable, and you can take it and use it anywhere. In full disclosure, I am friends with the co-founder, Michele Mehl, and took the product photos below. But I do own an Excy of my own, and believe in the exercise machine. Being a busy mom myself, I know how difficult it is to find time in my schedule to fit in exercise. I’m often at school, at photo shoots, at taekwondo or soccer practices, meets, or games. Plus, I live in a small house, and space is a premium. Excy is sincerely the best exercise equipment for my busy lifestyle, hands down. I use it on my arms and legs, but mostly legs. It’s easy to set up, and I can use it laying down on the floor, or sitting up on a chair or couch. Did I mention that I live in a small house? Since the Excy folds up flat, it is SO COMPACT it takes up a minimum amount of space in my home. Also, since it is compact, it takes up little space in my (small) car, along with the kids, soccer gear, camping chairs to watch the soccer practices, and taekwondo gear that I cart around as well. It’s just a brilliant invention, and I’m happy to share it with you.

Excy excellence points:

  • portable and compact
  • can use on arms or legs
  • do cardio or strength training
  • less than 10 lbs
  • easy to use for anyone!

For a limited time, blog readers can get a 20% discount on Excy! Just use discount code, Alexrocks. Please, go check it out, and enjoy exercising for once!



Meet Michele Mehl, co-founder of ExCy, and all around exciting human being.




This is Excy, the small, portable, workout machine.



Watch your favorite show and get in your exercise as well! (or do as I do, and make your kids get in 20 minutes before they get any screen time 😉 )



Since it’s so portable, you can work it inside, or outside!



Work your lower body, or upper body! 



Work out anywhere! Floor, table, chair! At home, at your kids’ soccer practice (personal favorite of mine), at work, watching t.v., at the park with your dog!



Easy to take outside and get in a quick work-out!



Set up on a chair (or bench), watch your kids play, practice, or goof off, and get in your exercise for the day!



Work out slow and steady, to strength train and work out your core.



Build up your arm muscles, or your leg muscles!


Indoors or outdoors, portable Excy is the perfect exercise machine for the on-the-go person!



So go, check out Excy, and don’t forget about the 20% discount code!






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