{The S. Family} Eastside Family Lifestyle Photography

I had such a fun time documenting this family last week. They wanted to take advantage of some of the beautiful scenery we have around our area, and also incorporate their new puppy into the family pictures as well. Oh, and their new seven month old puppy is a Great Dane, who I’m pretty sure is almost as big as me. 🙂 I had a great time following the family around, running myself ragged while boy chased dog and vice versa, and also just capturing the family interaction. They were also super great in posing in fun and creative ways to bring out their personalities! I hope the pictures convey what a loving and great family they were, and how much they love each other and the outdoors.


Hello, Washington State!



Look at this kid, so handsome and smiley!



I’m not sure what I love more, the kid’s laugh in this picture, or the puppy’s smile, or the size of the stick the pup’s holding.



Boy, in portrait, and caught mid-run in sillouette.



What a handsome family I found in the forest.



Most of the time, we just hung around the park.



This was the most playful family, I just had the best time following them around and capturing them interacting with each other.



We’re lucky to live in an area where we have such amazing natural backdrops, such as these gorgeous evergreen trees.



Turning around, we have stunning mountains such as Mt. Rainier in the Cascades overlooking Lake Washington, as well.



Playful, fun, gorgeous and goofy, all rolled up into one picture! 🙂


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