{The W. Family} Eastside Family Photographer

Being a mom of boys, it’s always fun for me to photography a family of girls. This family has three girls, all with three different personalities. Not only were there three girls, but the two youngest are twins. The mother wanted some sibling shots, but I admit, my favorite thing was getting the girls one on one and letting their indivuality shine through to the camera. We had a quick mini-session outdoors at a local park, they brought their loveys, and overall had a wonderful time. Thanks for hanging out with me, W. family!


The oldest, aka Big Sister

Twin A had no problems posing for my camera. I call this one, Old Hollywood Glamour Stare. Look at those eyes!




Twin B was trying to convince me she had never heard of any superheroes. Here she is, totally pulling my leg (I was believing her until we got to Batman. Everyone’s heard of Batman!)



The younger twins, showing off their distinctive styles and smiles for me.



All three sisters, such sweeties!



I got one more chance to get all three of them together before the session was up.



No session is complete without at least one of mom in the picture, too!


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