{Camping at Diablo Lake} North Cascades Lifestyle Photographer

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll know that my family and I are pretty active, and love doing activities outside. From playing in the tree house, to hiking in the national parks, to rock climbing; anything outdoors is a grand adventure in our family.  A few months ago I ran across this great blog post called “10 Tips for Raising Outdoors Loving Kids”, which really resonated with me. The blog itself, The  Big Outside, is choke full is GREAT tips for introducing and keeping your kids of ALL ages (from infant on up!) interested in outdoor travels and recreation! I would definitely recommend it, as it’s now one of my favorite new blogs.  My husband and I love living in the Pacific Northwest, and are grateful for all the wonderful outdoor and nature opportunities we’re able to provide for the boys.

Recently, we took our first family canoe camping trip to Diablo Lake up in the North Cascades. My husband had gone last year with some other dads and their kids, and my  boys had enjoyed it so much, they wanted me to come up as well. Correction: my youngest enjoyed it so much he pretty much asked about going back every single time we talked about family camping, so we planned it out. It took a bit of planning since we were staying  at a  backcountry campsite, which was only accessible by boat. Which meant we had to pack everything in and out by kayak or canoe. Overall though, it was a SUPER fun, a great trip, and even I, the person who isn’t thrilled with camping, had a really nice time. I would definitely recommend going up there and spending some time on the water, and just hiking around the North Cascades. The boys even got to become Junior Rangers from the Forest Service, which was one of their highlights. 🙂 And most important of all, we got to create some great family memories!


This is Thunder Point, our camp site.



The astonishing view from our camp site. Diablo Lake is this shade of green due to some sort of mineral composition from the glacier run off. It’s really this green in real life. It is unreal. I spent so much time just staring at it.



There was a trail right next to our campsite to the top of the little hill. My little adventurers!



When we were there, it was super windy. The boys had a blast trying to outshout the wind. 



We are so incredibly lucky to live in such a gorgeous area.



We tried for a family portrait, you can see from my hair how windy it was up there. My youngest was not for the family portrait.



We canoed to nearby Ross Dam and hiked up to the top of the dam.



Dad and kiddos hiking up the trail.



On the top of Ross Dam. You can see Ross Lake on the right, and see how it is much more blue it is than Diablo Lake.




Canoeing! Our youngest was in front of of me in the canoe, he loves being in the boat. That mountain is actually named  Sourdough Mountain. 



The canoe master. 



Don’t let the pictures fool you, this was during the more serene waters. It got pretty choppy shortly after this and there were white caps forming when the wind picked up. I put the camera away and rowed for dear life. 🙂



This is the view from the top of Ross Dam, the channel you see below is where we canoed through.



Chilling at the camp site.



My kids were a little sad we didn’t bring any “toys” since we had to pack light for the canoe. So we made our own  boats (which really floated!) out of driftwood and vines, and sails from leaves! We even kept them and took them home with us.



Happy little camper!



Happy big(ger) camper!



We had to tie the canoe on top of the dock because the wind kept hitting and bumping it around.



My view of paradise.



 I think these faces say it all. North Cascades canoe camping, it may be an annual family tradition from now on! 🙂



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  1. jackie says:

    What an incredible family get-away. The colour of the water is so amazing, and your photos, as always, are just breath-taking!

  2. Alex says:

    thank you Jackie! 🙂 we had a great time.

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