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If your kids are anything like mine, they like to collect things like rocks. (And sticks. Sometimes I get a surprise and it’s something that’s alive such as a worm or beetle. Or baby spiders, although that is totally another post once I recover from the trauma). Then, when you try to tell them that their “treasures” belong outside the house, you get tears and lots and lots of wailing. Here’s a simple craft you can do to occupy them, decorate up their “treasure” rocks, plus it’s actually pretty fun. As an added bonus, I even convinced mine that the pretty rocks can stay outside and not clutter up their rooms, or be used as projectiles for sibling battles. My boys love rock painting, we do it several times a year, for all holidays, rainy day activities, or even just for fun on a sunshiney day.

What You’ll Need:

  • rocks (cleaned and dry – my kids love giving their rocks a “bath”)
  • paint (we used tempura and acrylic)
  • brushes (don’t be limited to just paint brushes. We also used pencil top erasers, toothpicks, and q-tips as “brushes”)
  • **optional** you can also use glue and glitter on your rocks as well!


Start off with some clean and DRY rocks

Our painting set up. I have box lids for the actual rock painting, just so there’s not accidental floor paintage

Then, get your paint. I set mine out in paper plates for my boys.

Then, let them paint!

Here’s what dot painting with a pencil end looks like as well.

Some of our finished creations.

My oldest was super proud of his Captain America shield rock.

We even glittered some rocks to make them look like real “treasures”

In rock land, Hello Kitty and Batman live side by side in peace

We painted some to look like caterpillers and bugs

And my youngest loves all things ladybugs. Happy crafting!


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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    We did this a while back. It’s actually a lot of fun! Those painted rocks are adorable!

    My 2 owls

  2. eachean says:

    What great painted rocks! My family has a little rock painting art project going on called Renton Rocks! Check it out:

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