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I’m always looking for fun art ideas for both boys, so when my oldest chose this Usbourne Art book from the store recently, I was really pleased with all the different art techniques it encompassed inside. The techniques vary from beginner to advance, and I was able to adapt some of them for my younger son to do as well. One of them was ┬áprinting, using an eraser. I didn’t have any big erasers on hand to cut up, but I did have sponges, so we cut up a couple of sponges into body parts, and printed and painted away. It was a HUGE hit. It occupied both boys for about an hour, printing out their little people with the sponges, printing out designs, and putting in details with markers and crayons. I would highly recommend it as a good way to learn about body parts, pattern recognition, and just some plain old messy fun!

What You’ll Need

  • sponges
  • paint
  • paper
  • scissors
  • **optional** markers or crayons to draw in more features or details
  • **optional** big erasers instead of sponges


Isn’t this just adorable?



My pile of cut sponges (this is two different kitchen sponges cut)



You can see how I marked off the sponge to cut out my body parts, and what an assembled sponge person looked like at the end.


My kids did spend some time just playing with the sponges, making people, rabbits, and other shapes as well before we started painting. A by-product I didn’t expect, I ended up letting them play with the cut sponges in a bowl of water when they were finished painting as well.



Dip sponge into paint. Press into paper.



It was fun cutting out different shapes as well, I cut out a triangle body here.



Dip, press, then add details with markers.



Have plenty of rags on hand, as my kids also started to sponge paint themselves as well.



Look at that concentration!



Dip, press, add details with marker. And repeat.



Check out the final results! A pogo jumping man. A diver in a pool. All from the same pile of sponges.






The fun thing about sponges is that, you can bend them to make bendy arms and legs as well.



You can also use different colors, my oldest here made our family. Happy crafting!

Lasso the Moon


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  1. jackie says:

    Oh, I love this, Alex! We did something similar for the 2010 Olympics, and we stamped out the Inukshuk logo. I love how he’s added his own accessories – the surfboard, the pogo sticks…. Great activity!

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