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A couple of years ago, a friend of mine came to visit Seattle and brought along her adorable little daughter. She and my youngest (who are similarly aged), got along fabulously. When she contacted me about a cool project she had in mind about keeping them in contact, I was delighted to tell my youngest about it, and he was all over the idea of keeping in touch with his buddy.

Basically, her idea was based off of the The Flat Stanley Project, which in turn is based off the Flat Stanley book. Flat Stanley encourages children to write letters, mailing their own “Flat Stanley” to friends and relatives. Not only does it teach kids about writing, reading, and geography, but it’s pretty fun because let’s face it, who doesn’t love receiving mail? If you have a preschool aged child, this is a wonderful project because instead of writing letters, you can practice with taking pictures, and then having your child write a few words (like their name, or city, or their friend’s name). My friend names her the “Flat D” project, and mailed us a picture she made of her daughter. She drew a picture, glued a real photo of her daughter’s face, and laminated the whole thing when it was mailed to us. On our end, we took “Flat D.” around town, with us on camping trips, and wrote a few words about it. My youngest was super excited to have an opportunity to have a preschool pen pal to share pictures and his adventures with from the summer. I really enjoyed this project because with the picture taking, we were able to make a list of what he wanted to show “Flat D.”, and he wasn’t frustrated by his lack of writing skills. In turn, my youngest enjoyed playing tour guide with his very own agenda (instead of mom or dad’s) around town, telling me important things about Seattle and surrounding areas that we needed to show “Flat D”. Most of all, he enjoyed having a preschool aged “pen pal” of his own. It was a great project!

What You’ll Need:


My youngest and his new bud, “D”. Aren’t they sweet?



He was super excited when “Flat D.” came to town, we immediately had to take her to the playground.



“I love her mommy! I want to show her everything!”



We took her to show her some of the highlights of our town, including the blue trees.



Here you can see how “Flat D.” was made, she was very hardy for all the travels.



She even went camping and visited Deception Pass.



Hello “Flat D.”!



My preschooler was brave and took her out on the canoe as well.



It was fun playing tourist in my own town, with my preschooler being in charge of the agenda. We went to the “dancing stage” at the Seattle Center.



We visited the statuary in front of the Seattle Childrens Theatre.



We checked out the oversized exhibit at The Pacific Science Center.



Don’t be scared, “Flat D.”, it’s not a real dinosaur.



We checked out a game of vertical tic tac toe. I think my preschooler was winning. 🙂



He also had “Flat D.” check out the mechanical kinetic water shooters. She went “oooooOOOOoooo”.



Goodbye, “Flat D.” Thanks for visiting! Maybe this summer, we’ll make a “Flat A.” and mail him to you to visit! 🙂

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  1. jackie says:

    What a fun idea! Gosh, I wish I’d thought of doing this when my own boys were young! Thanks so much for sharing on our page today!

  2. Claudia says:

    Such a great idea and your little one is clearly enjoying every moment of it!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


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