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For Memorial Day 2013, I asked my husband to plan a camping trip. He picked Curlew Lake, which is in northeastern Washington. He wanted to pick a place that was far enough away so we wouldn’t be crowded with other campers, and someplace sunny (my requirement). That meant travelling about five hours away to get to the camp site. It sounded fun, we could get there and see some Washington state sites on the way via road trip, right? ROAD TRIP! We haven’t done one of those in a while. Well, things didn’t go quite the way we planned. A bridge collapsed over a major interstate here, one of the main US highways (HWY2) over the mountain passes was closed to one lane, so our trip took a little longer than expected. Once we got there though, Curlew Lake was uncrowded, secluded and looked perfect for some family camping fun. Eastern Washington topography is different than western Washington, it’s more rolling hills and shrubs than evergreen trees and mountains. It was gorgeous though, and beautiful, and the boys had so much fun. I would definitely recommend going up there for anyone in the area. We had such a fun time camping, and having family time with just the four of us.


Road trip! These wind mills line Interstate 90. From the ground to the tip of the top turbine, it spans 41 stories tall. These pictures were taken from a rest stop, and don’t do justice to how strong, tall, and majestic these windmills look from the highway.



This is a really big rock. No really, see the tiny, tiny boat in the corner? It’s called Steamboat Rock, and it’s the middle of the national park ground.



Grand Coulee Dam! I didn’t even realize this was in Washington state.



Bug graveyard. Or, what your car looks like after a six hour road trip.



The drive was worth it though. The lake was beautiful.



Our campsite was technically a “walk in”, meaning that we couldn’t park next to it. But look at this view!



Little boy in the big woods.



Since we were in eastern Washington, we got to see a lot of different types of scenery than we’re use to, such as this white tail deer in the open.



And boys running in the wild. Yes, they’re actually on a trail.






It was amazing to me to be around such hills and sky!



Curlew Lake is known for its fishing. They had a nice dock for kid fishing. My oldest could have stayed there all day.



Hey look, it’s my picture from Wordless Wednesday! My youngest is not as much into the fishing, so dad had to help him out.



Camping is never complete unless there’s a chess game, or two, played.



The look on my youngest’s face here cracks me up. Angry Preschooler is Angry! Look at those eyebrows!



When camping, you bring along the simple joys. Such as bubbles.



Bubbles bring the bestest smiles though.


Evil villain, complete with bubble wand moustache!



I am so pleased with this capture. It’s been a while since I got a full, crinkle nose smile out of my oldest on camera.



Dirty, happy, camper boys having some fun.



At the end of the day, this was what it was all about. <3


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3 Responses to “{Camping at Curlew Lake} Seattle Area Lifestyle Photographer”

  1. Claudia says:

    What a gorgeous place to spend a few days camping! It looks like you had a fantastic time. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


  2. Kriste says:

    That looks so pretty! It’s already getting too hot to do much camping here in Texas, unfortunately.

  3. Alex says:

    @Claudia, we did have a great time! We didn’t really enjoy being stuck in the 20 mile backup on the mountain coming back home, but at least we got to relax while we were at the campsite!

    @Kriste, you need to come back to Washington for the summer to camp! 😉

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