{Playground Challenge Roundup} Seattle Area Lifestyle Photographer

The KaBOOM! Summer Playground challenge is over, and I think I’m finally recovered to put together my thoughts. It was six weeks, from July 2nd to August 13th of checking out parks in our area, taking a picture with my phone and their Tag! app, and of course, playing. To see what my oldest thought of it, check out his blog post here.  Here’s a few take aways of our summer of playground park play (say that three times fast!)

  • We are so, incredibly lucky to be able to live in an area that is rich in playgrounds, both indoors and outdoors.
  • I created a small, playground monster in my youngest son. Even now, months after the challenge is over, he wakes up asking me what park are we going to visit today.
  • To differentiate between parks with playgrounds, and parks without playgrounds, we coined the term “adventure park” for those that didn’t have a playground.
  • Getting outside, every day, was as much fun for me as it was for my kids. Sometimes it’s nice to get out!
  • With visiting playgrounds in the city, we’d walk around and also visit small, local bakeries and shops and support local businesses as well. Such fun all around!

We’re definitely going to continue visiting playgrounds throughout the winter, the spring, and next summer. Also, through this we participated in a local playground build in our city, improving an existing park with more playground equipment. And we are all looking forward to our upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. and visiting the KaBOOM! officies and their Play Academy and sharing our throughts about the Summer Playground Challenge! So go out there, find some playgrounds, and get your play on!


Some of the best things about parks in the area? The view. This was at a new find for us, Richmond Beach Saltwater park.


We also discovered this awesome park close to our house! Forsgren Park


My younger son gives his stamp of approval for this playground.


We also found this awesome playground/wetlands near our home (North Rose Hill Park)! It had a toddler playground on one end of the park that had this cool big rig truck for kids to climb


Then through a short mile walk through a boardwalk covered wetlands area, you reached this cool castle park playground on the other side of the park.


This was the new family recreation playground at the Bonneville Lock and Dam


Lounging around at our favorite park, Grass Lawn Park in Redmond


It even has a toddler spray area to play in as well


 My personal favorite was when the boys would play nicely with each other. This is Enatai Beach Park in Bellevue.


Another new favorite, North Acres Spray Park in Shoreline


And sometimes, you find parks in the most unexpected places.  This is Albert Davis Park in Lake City. Probably only half a city block, but my kiddos had so much fun playing here.


It’s not the size of the park, but how much fun your kids can have. So get them out, and PLAY!


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