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February is just around the corner, and with that comes one of my favorite holidays, Valentines Day! I was looking for some fun crafts to do with the boys, and came across this paper heart craft from Roots and Wings. Theirs seemed a little more work than my boys could handle (aka it looks more mom intensive than boy intensive), so I tweaked it a bit. I used old magazines papers, and had the boys tear out any that were red or reddish colored for them to cut up to use. Then, we cut them up into strips, and used a ribbon instead of a brad to hold it together in the middle. I think it came out very well, and adds a pretty decoration to our home!


Concentrating very hard, the sparkly cape gave him super cutting powers.



You want to end up with different lengths of paper (I chose three different lengths for the boys)



To make it easier for them, I placed a ribbon down the middle of the paper heart to help attach it, instead of using brads. The other paper sides would go on the other side of the ribbon.



The other side (yes, it does look exactly the same). You sandwich them together with the ribbon in the middle, smallest lengths closest to the ribbon.



Then, I had them staple the bottom of ALL the paper strips to the ribbon, and then fold the strips up (shortest strips first) into a heart shape onto the ribbon and staple it. Repeat with the longer lengths.



This was a super easy project! We then hung them on crepe paper around the house as decorations. So pretty!



A close up. I loved using the recycled papers to give the hearts a unique look.



Our garland! You can see we made some with construction paper as well. It was really fun, and an easy craft for both the boys!


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  1. Simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at the Weekly Kids Co-Op. I’ll be featuring this post in a special Valentines Day roundup this week. xoxo P

  2. Adorable! I featured them this week on the Weekly Kid Co-op at Housing A Forest. Thanks for linking up

  3. Cassidy says:

    I hate parting with paper, even to the recycling bin. This will help me put my stash to good use, thank you! 🙂

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