{What My 7yo Did This Summer – In His Words} Seattle Area Lifestyle Photographer

We did the KaBOOM! Summer playground challenge and boy was it ever fun! Not only did it let us explore the awesome playgrounds near us, but my kids woke up every day asking “what parks are we going to today mommy?” It made my heart swell to have them so excited to go out and PLAY! And let me tell you, we played hard. In the hot sun. In the rain. In the fog. I asked my older son his thoughts about the playground challenge and I was pretty amused when he asked if he could do his own blog post. So here, in his own words (and pictures), a seven year old’s take on the playground challenge!


Meet my 7yo!


A self portrait


What did you like most about the playground challenge?

Answer: going to parks! (I love his labelling on all his drawings. this was a playground that had twin side-by-side slides that both of my boys loved)


What did he think all playgrounds should have?

answer: RINGS! (do you love that he drew “sweat” drops too?)


Draw your favorite play area.

Answer: North Acres Park (this is my favorite drawing set of all. the parents on the “hell aka hill”. the ice cream truck that was ALWAYS there. and his representation of what the water spray park looked like was pretty accurate!)


What do you think all playgrounds should have?

Answer: monkey bars (again, he drew the “sweat” dripping down from himself. heh!)




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