{Happy Spring Equinox!} Seattle Lifestyle Photographer

Last week was the Spring Equinox! In the PNW, we had a gorgeous weekend full of sunshine and temperatures reaching almost 60! But then, the real Seattle spring set in, with grey skies, lots of wind, and intermittent showers. So bring up my mood, here are some pictures I took last year at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. We go every year since it around our oldest’s birthday, and I love getting a picture of him in the tulips. These bright, colorful flowers would cheer up anyone’s mood and put you in the mood for spring. Happy Equinox!


 There are so many varieties of tulips, I couldn’t pick one as a favorite!

Fields of tulips


It was a wee bit cold and windy when we went up, hence the layered scarf and hat look he’s sporting.


It had been raining all spring, so there were lots of mud puddles. I saw a lot of this.


Accompanied by a lot more of this.


I love this – a perspective of my oldest throughout the years. That first year, he was barely taller than a tulip!


My, how times have changed.


I think the kids were way more interested in the mud than the tulips.


So. Much. Mud!


We adults spent time checking out the beautiful fields and fields of flowers.


The kids spent time checking out the really big tractor. Flower vs. Tractor? TRACTOR WINS!


See? It was a pretty impressive tractor, i do have to say.


We were able to get a family shot out in the flowers, however!


But by the end of the day, most everyone looked like this.


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