{Snips and snails and sweet stripey suckers} Seattle Area Childrens Photographer

Sometimes I love just taking the boys out and doing our own photoshoot. Of course, having a giant lollipop bribe, er, “prop”, just sweetened the deal for the kids. You know what else I love? That while I love matchy shirts and buy them for my kids, my boys actually love to dress up like each other. I love these kids!


What? I’m not suppose to eat the prop, mom?

MMmmmmmMmmmmm how many licks does it take to get a little boy hypered up?

Show mommy the lollipop! heh

My littlest one was more interested in doing anything but show me his lollipop

I love how little brother is like, mom, can I go back to eating my lolly now?

He posed himself. Honest.

Those eyes kill me. I am going to be in trouble when he hits the teenage years.

My boys, love these kids.


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