{Big fun in the big city} Seattle Area Childrens Photographer

We’re very lucky that we live near the gorgeous city of Seattle. Not only do we get to do cool things like see Santa’s Space Rocket in the Space Needle, but just walking around we can watch the ferries cross Elliott Bay, see sea lions, and even just run around, and dance like no one is watching. Well, at least, that is what I imagine goes through my boys’ minds whenever we take them downtown shopping. 🙂


What’s a visit to Seattle without visiting Pike Place market?

Here are the boys in the little park right across from the Market. You can see my youngest is jumping in glee

You thought I was joking about the dancing like no one was watching, didn’t you?

We found this cool mosaic, where they continued their mad improv dancing.


Cheeky smiles all around!


This is on the pedestrian bridge above 1st avenue. My kids love to jump.

And this is what a sibling shot looks like at my house – yes, that is younger brother photobombing older brother’s jump shot


Overall, I think they had a good time and it was a fun memory. And at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.


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