{Year of the Dragon} Seattle Area Lifestyle Photographer

While January 1st may  be celebrated as the New Year in western cultures, in most Asian countries new year is celebrated on the Lunar calendar. In Viet Nam, it’s called Tet and it started on January 23rd this year. 2012 is also the Year of the Dragon, which is special to me because it’s also the birth year for myself and my husband. The boys are Year of the Rooster (2005) and Year of the Rat (2008) respectively.  People born in the Year of the Dragon are said to be prosperous, attractive, arrogant, and charismatic. The Seattle area has a great Tet in Seattle celebration every year which features delicious Vietnamese cuisine, dragon dancing, and a fun kids’ show put on by local schools. We celebrated this year by eating great food, making dragon shadow puppets, and checking out the lion dances!

Dragon dancers are the bomb!

I found this Chinese dragon shadow puppet template and had the boys each make one. I glued the template to a cereal box to make it sturdier. here my littlest one shows off his awesome coloring job.

The six year old did this one, can you tell? All cut out and glued together. 


Raow rawo raow! I love the look of adoration on little brother’s face. I’m fairly certain there was a story being played out when i took this picture.

The boys in the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai


Playing with their dragon puppets


If you ask my kids, the best part of New Year is always lixi, which means lucky money. It comes in little red envelops like this.


I think this smile sums up what he thought about the red envelop.

This was the first year my youngest really understood that getting lixi meant money. Here was what he thought of the whole thing.

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