{Two Sisters} Seattle Area Child Photographer

I’m a out loud talker. If I’m in the grocery store, I’m the person talking about what’s on my list, and where can I find the red wine vinegar. My husband makes fun of me for doing this, but even he concedes that when you ask for something, you have a better chance of someone answering your question than if you never ask aloud. The age old adage, “ask and you shall receive”. Along that vein, a friend of mine was posting on a social media site that all her parents wanted for Christmas was a picture of both her girls together in the dresses they received from grandma. There were several problems with getting the picture as a) my friend works out of the house, b) the girls are both under the age of three and dragging them to the mall seemed like a chore and c) it was about a week before Christmas. I offered to come over to her home and take pictures of her girls for her. I’m way behind in my blogging, since these pictures were taken last month, but it was a win-win situation for everyone. Thank you for letting me photograph your adorable daughters!


Meet Older Sis. She was a hoot to capture on camera, and was so fun!


Ok, sit primly in this chair? I can do that for you, Ms. Photographer.


Little Sister was a tougher nut to crack to get to smile at me.


Look at those eyes! So soulful.


Older Sis was a dream, she pretty much did anything I asked. I love her expression here! It came out a lot.


But oh so adorable.


I finally coaxed a real smile from Little Sister


Oh look, I got them both into the same frame! Aren’t those dresses just precious?


And a last picture of a pretty pretty pink princess.


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  1. Beth says:

    Oh, I just saw this!!! 😀 Ahh, I still love all the photos so much 😀 You did such a great job with such a tough crowd!

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