{Baby E. 4 weeks old} Seattle Area Newborn Photographer

Baby E., his three year old brother, and his parents came to visit me today for his newborn shoot. Baby E is a fireball who came four weeks early, so at the shoot today he was about the size of a full term newborn, about seven pounds. I have to admit, I have a real soft spot in my heart taking pictures of brothers together, and I was happy that Big Brother O. was amicable to posing with Baby Brother E for me and the camera. Even if I did have to break out the sweethart candy bribes. Big welcome to Baby E and congratulations on the new addition to the family!


Meet Baby E. I love shots like this, because it shows you just how tiny they are at this moment, and they’re never going to be this tiny again. Here he is, cradled by daddy.


Giddy up, little cowboy


Such sweetness! I love just how peaceful he looks here.


Don’t let all the sleeping poses fool you, he was a tough cookie to get to stay asleep. But when he was asleep, you could just nom on his little nose.


This is my favorite brother pose. Big brother is all, what IS this in my lap? Baby E is all, hey, I’m cool, just chillin’ in my blanket which matches my eyes.


Big Brother wasn’t so sure about all this picture taking.


They were much happier outside, I even got a little smile!


The new family of four!


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  1. Beth says:

    Oh, what a beautiful family!! You did such a wonderful job with these photos, Alex! I love newborn portraits- they are just so sweet 🙂

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