{Baby B. 4 weeks old} – Seattle Area Newborn Photographer

One of the wonderful things about living in this technological world is making friends with people both near and far from you. People with whom you may never have interacted with or been able to meet before, people who become friends who support you through the times of joy and the times of sorrow. One of these friendships I made through an online journaling group, and she recently had a baby which I was blessed to meet and photograph. Thank you for letting me capture this sweet moment of his life!


Meet Baby B, newest addition to the family!

Don’t let that first picture fool you, he was awake for most of the photoshoot, checking things out.

But when we did get him asleep, he was oh so sweet.

I call this his fighter pose. Check out the little fists!

I love getting pictures of mom and baby together. So often we’re behind the cameras, and don’t get to capture these moments with our kids.

Since he wasn’t sleeping, we took him outside and let him check out the world. Hello world!

We snuck in a picture or two with dad as well.

He still doesn’t look too sure about this “outside” concept

And a family shot as well


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