{Penguin Footprints} – Seattle Area Child Photographer

Back before I had kids, I use to waste my time online looking at celebrity gossip sites and entertainment news sites. Nowadays, I get sucked into crafting sites such as Pinterest and Craftgawker. I particularly love Pinterest because I’m able to organize everything I find online into great boards such as “kid crafts”, “photography”, or just simple “things I like”. I found this great tutorial on making a penguin footprint picture. It was so fantastically simple, I had to try it out with my boys!


First, you take some children. I have these two on hand all the time. 

Then, you strip them down to their toesies. I actually had the boys do this in their underwear and had my husband directly deposit them in bath afterwards, to make clean up easier.

Then, you paint their feet black.  I did it using it a paint brush on their feet.  I used acrylic paint, as we were going to be stepping onto canvas instead of just paper. For easier clean up, I highly recommend using washable tempara paint

Then I had them step onto the canvas. My canvas was sized 11″x14″. I did it one foot at a time, having them hold onto a chair. I then pressed their toes and feet down to get a good impression. Then have it dry overnight.

Once dry, paint on black wings, a white belly, an orange beak, and some googly eyes for fun. Aren’t they adorable? For more fun, you can also paint their toes orange to make orange feet, but we were not that ambitious.


Here’s our finished product! The snowflakes were popsicle stick snowflakes we had made earlier this week which I thought made a nice background. The ones on your left are my youngest son’s footprints. The ones on the right (with the bigger googly eyes) are made by my older son, who is the one doing the hammy smile in the background.


I hope you guys can make penguin footprint art with your kids too! Happy crafting!

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