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I’m grateful that we live in an area with a fabulous library system, with some awesome childrens’ programs. We go to the library weekly and get new books, and my kids love choosing and picking their own books for reading at home. We also love going to story time and listening to the great childrens’ librarians read, sing songs, and tell great stories. I get inspired by both the storytelling and the repeated reading of of the boys’ favorite books, to do interactive crafts with them. It helps promote literacy, pre-reading skills, and also is very hands on and fun. Sometimes when the boys are being super wiggly and can’t sit still for a story, they’ll still listen to it if they can follow along with their own crafts.

Here’s one of our favorites, and a must have book for any house. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom


I got the idea from The Crafting Chicks for this craft. Toilet paper tubes, some green paper, and foam stickers I had plenty of in stock! The boys loved finding the different alphabet letters as we read the book, then putting them up to climb on the “tree”.

My youngest took finding space for all the letters quite seriously

I covered the toilet paper tubes in brown paper to make it more tree like.

Chicka chicka boom boom!


Here’s another book we love in this house. My Heart Is Like A Zoo

In this book, each letter in the alphabet is represented by an animal. And all the animals, are made up entirely of hearts. So here are some of our animals made of heart drawings. We have a heart frog, and a heart lion.

Then, we cut out a bunch of different sized hearts out of scrapbook paper.

And we glued them together to make animals. Here is my younger son’s bunny (he had some help with the glueing and pasting)

And here is my older son’s blue heron. He did this one all by himself.


And another fun book to turn into a craft.  Dog’s Colorful Day.



For this craft, I just cut the dog out of paper, then gave them colored markers. As we read along in the story, they put colored dots on their dog. Later, I cut the dots and dog out of fleece to make this fun read along craft we could do over and over again. Here is my youngest son’s colorful dog rendition

And my older son. Please forgive the awesome face he is making for the picture. 🙂

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  1. What wonderful craft extension projects for the books! Thanks for sharing at The Children’s Bookshelf.

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