{Pacific Science Center Party} – Seattle Area Child and Lifestyle photographer

I haven’t been to the Pacific Science Center very much, even now that I’m a parent.  We were invited to go with some good friends to celebrate their son’s birthday.  It was quite a treat!  I think the most fun was had in the butterfly exhibit.  Both my boys had butterflies land on their shirts, and they walked around very proudly displaying their little friends.  The birthday boy even had one land on his head!  He sported quite the fun butterfly mohawk along with a smile that stretched from ear to ear.  So if you are local, totally go, and take your kids!  They will have a blast.

The boys had a blast (literally!) playing with the outside water exhibits

The kids really enjoyed the caterpiller statue life

Samuel and the birthday boy!

Albert thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits as well

Giving me their best “blue steele” faces

Look!  A  butterfly landed on Albert.

He was so proud of his new little friend.

Samuel was very impressed by the brave little butterfly

Hey, at least one kid was smiling.

Samuel was so glad to have his own butterfly friend

Butterfly mohawk!

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