{Baby L. – 26 days old} – Seattle Area Newborn Photographer

Baby L’s father and I are in book club together, and I was honored to be able to take pictures of his adorable baby girl.  She was soooooooo cute, had gorgeous eyes, and such a great sleepy model as well!  Her mom had some special baby jewelry which had been worn in the family for a few generations, which we were able to photograph Baby L. with to preserve the memories.  I’d never seen baby jewelry before, they were a tiny tiny bracelet and an even tinier ring that were just so adorable.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Meet {Baby L.}

The baby jewelry…you can just make out the teeny ring on her right hand

She had stellar eye contact for such a little one

Big yawn…I love the pink hat here as well

Who doesn’t love a baby in a lion’s hat?

Look at those lips!

I think she was telling us the photoshoot was over at this point 🙂

sleepy, sweet baby

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  2. Corey Magana says:

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  3. Alex says:

    Hi Corey! You can link to the RSS by clicking on the square button next to the search box at the top of my header. Or, you can go here: http://blog.anportraits.com/?feed=rss2 Hope that answers your question!

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