{The H Family Twins} One Year Old – Seattle Area Child Photographer

I had the pleasuring of meeting this family at Lincoln Park  in West Seattle for our photoshoot.  The mom had graciously responded to my inquiry about photographing her twin daughters for my portfolio.  I’m still working on building my skills in photographing siblings, and these cute one year old sisters gave me a run for my money!  Lincoln Park is a beautiful location, so we let the kids run around and I snapped away as many shots of them together as I could.  I was kicking myself as I got to the park as I realized I had forgotten my bag of toys, whistles, and snacks to entice the kids to look at my camera at home!  Alas, a lesson well learned.  Here’s a sneak peek of their photos.

Meet {Miss D} and {Miss E}.  Don’t let this fool you, they rarely both looked at the camera at the same time for me.


I think she was lecturing me here


Almost a smile


A rare shot of the twins with their older sister


Most of my shots of the girls looked like this, with neither of them looking at me


I convinced them to play peek a boo behind the log with me


Their mom bribed them to sit still with snack foods.  I have a lot of shots with one of them eating.  🙂


A sweet moment with mom


When babies attack!


We headed to the playground area of the park to see if we could get more shots with both of them. 


Smiley girls!


They were entranced by the ferries


Happy in mom’s lap


Goodbye, and thanks for the smiles!


3 Responses to “{The H Family Twins} One Year Old – Seattle Area Child Photographer”

  1. Sarah says:

    These are my cousin’s girls. Great work!!! They are darling and you photographed them so well.

  2. kara says:

    Nice work on these. I love the last one! I’ve got to make it to this park, it looks beautiful. Let me know if you want to practice on my 17 month olds if you need more challenges – they may be a little faster than these girls. 🙂

  3. alexnguyen says:

    thank you sara and kara!

    kara, when they turn two give me a call! I’m still working on sibling shots and getting two to look at the camera for me! 🙂

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